Skills have no gender.

And we are on a mission to prove it to the world. 
Will you help us change the status quo?

We are the CandidFuture. The fastest-growing female-oriented search and advisory company in Poland and The Netherlands.

People tend to forget that greater diversity in development and management teams creates better business outcomes. We know it's a fact! That's why as CandidFuture our goal is to find and empower the best female leaders of the future. We do this via our own tech and digital executive search program.

Our vision is for a world, where our stance of equality and diversity would not be seen as controversial, however, in reality, there are still many challenges.

From Gdańsk, the home of freedom, solidarity and a resistance center of the Polish democracy, emerges a new approach towards executive search and recruitment.


Are you with us?




In a world where the only constant is change. We know how to take care of you and your career.

You are in the best hands if:
#   you want to develop your career
#   you are looking for exciting projects
#   you wish to get a change of environment


We will be in touch with you throughout every step of your career development. We will represent your personality and competencies honestly, enthusiastically & professionally.



The world demands effective and diversified IT teams.

We understand these combinations and what makes things work best.

Partnership models:
#   employment of IT specialists (CTO’s, DPO’s, Project Management, Product Managers, Developers, Testers)
#   IT outsourcing (individuals or whole teams)
#   Managed Services (full service offerings)

Our specialties include: Java, JavaScript, .Net, QA, Python, Oracle / SQL, iOS, C++, SharePoint


If you don’t have dedicated IT recruitment trainers, who can support the needs of your team, we can provide a range of training solutions to help:

#   when your team needs to improve recruitment efficiency

#   equip your team with industry specific knowledge they need to source passive candidates and conduct interviews more effectively

#   to obtain more recruitment leads

We can deliver on-site, off-site and on-line training solutions.




A key strength has been to utilise our extensive network of female IT professionals. This has led to particular success in delivering a far more diverse and balanced team to meet our client’s needs. 


We collaborate successfully with a number of developers, IT specialists and female executive networks throughout Europe whilst working with an excellent team of male colleagues who support this better balance.


candIT (in transition to CandidFuture)

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